We at Mammothfest are very proud to have secured Rotting Christ as Friday headliners for a 2017 UK exclusive performance!

Formed in 1987 Rotting Christ have been flying the Flag of the Greek Black Metal Scene ever since. The Tolis brothers Sakis (Vocals and Guitar) and Themis (Drums) being with the band since its formation. With 12 studio albums to their name and huge sales of their latest album Rituals following on from the previous recording (the amazing Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy ‘Do what thou wilt’). If you’ve never seen Rotting Christ before you are in for a treat of powerful melodic riff laden Black Metal and if you have then this is one band you will want to see again.

Their name has caused controversy around the world with demonstrations outside some of their American gigs and also with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) refusing to play on the same stage (how very Christian). An amazing live band expect windmill headbanging and a great crowd engaging performance.

Hailing from Athens Greece the current lineup has remained unchanged since 2012 with:
Sakis Tolis (Vocals and Guitar)
Themis Tolis (Drums)
George Emmanuel (Guitar)
Vagelis Karzis (Bass)

“Keep the spirit alive” and always “Non Serviam”.

By Paul Marshall