Hailing from Oslo Norway we are extremely excited to announce the three piece TNBM stalwarts Tsjuder for a rare UK appearance!

Tsjuder formed in 1993, they released a few EP’s before signing to Drakkar Productions and releasing their first full album Kill For Satan in 2000. They have since gone on to release four more albums the latest Antiliv in 2015 with the band now signed to Season of Mist. With an old school satanic black metal sound harking back to the style of the 80’s and early 90’s Black Metal bands Tsjuder is an amazing live band. They briefly disbanded in 2006 but thankfully reformed in 2010. Although there were a few line-up changes in the early years they have remained unchanged since 2003.

Nag (Vocals and Bass)
Draugluin (Guitar and Vocals)
Anti-Christian (Drums)


By Paul Marshall