Mammothfest is lucky enough to have some very talented photographers work for us.
Get to know them down below.

Luke Bateman Photo

Luke has been shooting since ’08 on film, went digital in ’11, In 2014 he shot his first festival with live music and found his calling. since then he has been shooting gigs in Brighton non-stop, averaging two gigs a week. His goal is to shoot bands on tour and get into bigger events, shoot for large publications. His hopes for 2017 is to spend as much time in a sweaty smelly van as possible.

Ajit Dutta / Raidstudios

Ajit is a black belt in breathing, karate and almost everything else you can imagine, including taking the best kick ass photos ever. He attends more gigs than anyone else we know and he is always down the front head banging even if he is the only one doing so in the room. He does not give a shit and for all these reasons and more we love him and welcome him to our photographers page as a way of showing him some respect for all he does for the music scene!

Greig Clifford

Greig specialises in creative band portraiture but has also photographed many hundreds of live shows too, covering stages from small basement clubs to large venues with capacities for many thousands. His photography has been widely published in print and online by many major publications and is considered by many to be boundary pushing with his unique approach. He is dedicated to championing new music from the underground scene and is one of the nicest people we have ever worked with.