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We are proud to welcome EVIL SCARECROW to headline our MAMMOTHFEST 2017 Christmas party.

Supports include the nutters that are HELL PUPPETS (Punk horror metal) along with MAGNA CARTA (Electronic metal) and Sorrow plagues (Emotive black metal) ensuring we celebrate a diverse range of metal talents that our local scene has to offer.

Tickets £10.60 (inc 60p booking fee), more on the door (£15) so buying in advance is recommended

There will be no tickets posted, instead please bring your receipt for this purchase to the desk on the evening of the event so we can issues wristbands. This saves us and therefore you money.

Every year we host a Xmas party and every year it is rammed and with EVIL SCARECROW and other incredible bands on the bill its again going to be one hell of a show!

So grab your tickets and lets come together to raise a glass and celebrate the incredible music we have to enjoy from our thriving UK metal scene. Also note we set this gig with plenty of prior warning and early enough in December so students and others can still head home with plenty of time for family while planning this in to your already busy Xmas schedules!

Ticket purchase rules:

Please note Ticket purchases are NON refundable, you purchase knowing you plan to attend. Should you be unable to attend after making the purchase you would be expected to try and sell your tickets on to get your money back. If we hit capacity in advance we may then and only then look to buy your tickets back from you having applied a £10 admin fee to the refund process.