5 Tips to Plan Your Coachella Trip

Coachella is a grand music festival that invites millions of people every year. Coachella features the biggest international artists in six days of exciting music party that takes place in Los Angeles. It was founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van in 1999, and from then, it has taken over the biggest music festivals like Tomorrowland to become the most popular music festival in the world. You caDue to the current pandemic, Coachella 2020 was canceled for everyone’s safety, but if you are planning to come to Coachella in 2021, here are some tips for planning your trip.

Book your tickets

Book your tickets as soon as they show up on the Coachella website. The tickets sell out quickly, and you will not realize when you missed the date if you are not subscribed to their website. Find out when the tickets will be out for sale in your time zone and get a head start to register a spot for you and your friends. The weekend two tickets are slightly cheaper than weekend one tickets. Ensure that you know which tickets fit your budget and give you a chance to see your favorite artists.

Coachella Trip

Build your itinerary

Make sure to make your accommodation and travel arrangements for the days you will be staying in LA for Coachella. You need to manage your money and time according to when the event will take place. Find a hotel nearest to the Empire Polo Club where the Coachella takes place. Several after-parties happen after the festival if you plan on hanging around. Build your itinerary based on where you will stay and the things you will do during your trip.

Explore LA

Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than the festival. Hollywood Boulevard, and Disneyland. Every street in LA has something unique to offer you. Check out the billboards and advertisements for nearby attractions. Find out what else you can do in LA while you are there. Buy some posters or cheap banners of the musicians performing at Coachella as a memento to take home. Use the destination guides to explore the culture and features of the city. Try out the street food and the best burgers that you will ever eat in the most recommended burger joints.

Pack accordingly

If you are going for three days and back, you do not need a suitcase with a week’s clothes. Also, if you land just an hour before the festival, you cannot roam around the festival, pulling your big suitcase with you. Instead, pack light with the only things you need. Coachella takes place in April. You will not need multiple layers of clothing during the summer. Pack light and smart so you can carry your luggage with you without a problem.

Plan your time at the festival

There will be multiple artists performing around the festival at the same time. You need to plan your time around the festival so that you do not miss watching your favorite artists. Sort out the meeting points around the festival. Find out where the charging points are so you can keep your cameras charged. Know that walking through the crowd from one stage to another will also consume a lot of time.

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