Play Mammothfest

Think your band has what it takes to play Mammothfest? Fill out the form below! Every band will be checked out and if your music and overall package both impresses us and meet our criteria we’ll be in touch!

Please note due to the high volume of bands wanting to play Mammothfest we will only reply to the bands we want to book. We kindly ask you, do not hound us for a gig but instead focus on progressing as a band and if you are making the right waves we will pick you up as we have already done for so many bands. If you have submitted your band below, we have you on our radar, rest assured.

We also run monthly shows so even if you are not successful for our main event we may select you to support wicked bands at another show so you can show Brighton what you can do. This could also mean a foot in to our main event so be patient and try and understand how difficult our roles can be trying to help so many bands.

Finally, do not take offence if you have not been selected, we are here to support the scene as much as we can but with limited slots there is only so much we can do so ask yourselves what can you do to ensure YOU are the next band to be picked up because if you are not getting much back its probably for reasons you should constructively ask yourselves and not to abuse some of our staff as some bands have considered appropriate… ?