Confronted are a Crossover Meal/Hardcore/Thrash band from the south coast, UK. The band’s stage presence is unpredictable, chaotic and full of energy, and this was witnessed at the most recent ‘Mammothfest presents’ show on the 6th May with headliners Brutality Will Prevail. Confronted opened the second stage and for an opening band to cause such carnage and noise was unforeseen and had without a doubt one of the best and most memorable sets of the day, aided by frontman Ryan Hull’s unhinged and mental stage antics, you can quickly tell why they are called Confronted! Make sure you don’t miss one of the best and funniest performances you will probably ever see, luckily through their humour they deliver seriously crushing sounds, and even pull off a brilliant cover of Soulfly’s ‘Seek ‘N’ Strike’.