MAMMOTHFEST started in 2010 with incredible bands such as ENTOMBED, ORANGE GOBLIN, SYLOSIS, MNEMIC, SYBREED and in fact 28 bands over 2 stages on 1 day in the mighty HOVE TOWN HALL. It is no secret that Steve Dickson, the director lost some money on this show mainly because OZZFEST dropped on the same day driving many southern metal heads to go and see OZZY/KORN etc. What could we do!? A lot of valuable lessons were learned, debts were paid off but never the less the event went ahead and was a resounding success in terms of the customers experience, even if on paper the event lost money. We could have walked away at this point having been burnt but having gained such valuable experiences, enjoying it so much and knowing there WAS a market for a metal festival in the south Steve knew he had to bring it back one day, but with a tighter approach to ensure the business was safer from risks. 


2014 saw the return in more humble surroundings of the legendary GREEN DOOR STORE where a packed venue both days led to the rise of Mammothfest again. With financial stability being at the core of the business, Steve and the team set about selling out the venue with a tight budget. Incredible bands such as SAVAGE MESSIAH, MARTYR DEFILED, INGESTED, META-STASIS, ABHORRENT DECIMATION and so many other bands walloped the crowd, many of whom fed back that they simply could not wait for the next year and that there was an expectation now that Mammothfest would deliver bigger and better events every year. The market spoke, the people wanted us to do another show next year so while we were led to understand there is such a demand, who were we to argue!? Not only that we already had plans for bigger bands but knowing people wanted a metal festival made this all the more encouraging.

2015 was the year where things really took off for Mammothfest with the rise to 4 venues over 3 days and in fact 90 bands performing over one weekend. Our team run a tight ship all weekend and the event was great but we were under no illusion that having 4 venues all over Brighton, 3 running simultaneously Sat/Sunday doesn’t necessarily ensure our customers will have the best time running back and fore. That said we did design line ups specific to genres to appeal to particular tastes and proved we had what it took to handle a major weekend of events. ONSLAUGHT were wonderful people and it was an absolute honour to have them headline the Haunt. As cheesy as it may sound (ftr we could not give a fuck) we visualise dreams and make them happen and this was the first time we had truly set our sights high and delivered. There is no better feeling than doing something like this, our team were on point and should be very proud of what they achieved this year. 

2016 was our biggest year to date with the legends VENOM INC, TEXTURES, HEART OF A COWARD, CONAN, EASTERN FRONT and in fact nearly 50 bands drilling us a new one. OK so we were unable to move it all to one venue, to be honest there weren’t any at the time that had 2 stages available but using Concorde 2 for the first time and packing that out, as well as the Haunt real were again real special moments for us as a humble team that are simply step by step, making our personal dreams come true. With a double page review in TERRORIZER magazine amongst many others we continued to cement ourselves as a strong metal festival and brand in the UK. With less venues but bigger spaces our customers were able to come together and share the events as one and by god did it kick off! People travelled from Ireland, Scotland and Europe as well as from all over the UK and well it felt like a family. 

So where are we going for 2017? Our Mammoth is under reconstruction so you can expect to see a “METAL MAMMOTH” unveiled in the next month when ready. It is already looking so fucking cool! 

We can confirm we have one 720 cap venue that has 2 live stages that we will be using for the whole weekend from Friday 6th through to and including Sunday 8th October 2017. Each night after the headliner has finished performing the second live room upstairs will become a private VIP AFTER PARTY for up to 100 people only, to mingle with the days performers and continue partying through the night with guest DJs, drinks offers and the perfect opportunity to carry on partying for those who don’t want to go home at that time.

Headliners, ah ye! Well we are not going to be announcing any headliners until Monday 30th January where our subscribed will be the first to get our announcement, even before the press. So do sign up, it does not cost you anything and you will get discount codes for savings on ticket and merch purchases so you really can not lose.

We can say that we have UK exclusive headline performaces from some of the worlds greatest bands so you will not be disappointed.

2017 will be the best weekend we have had ever so if you are unsure what to do on this particular weekend then attending MAMMOTHFEST is a must for all. If we get this right then in 2018 we will be securing the DOME for an even bigger party so do understand YOU hold the key to your local metal festival growing and bringing you the bands YOU want to see.