Steve Dickson.

Director and creator of Mammothfest. Had first idea to run a metal festival in 2007 and has ever since been working tirelessly to build the brand to how you see it today. His aim remains; to bring the biggest bands in the world to Brighton while providing support and platforms for emerging bands to rise to become the headliners of the future.

Rich Ravenhill.

Co-Director of Mammothfest, graphic and web design, advice giver in general and doer of things.

Sheri HellsBells.

Marketing Director. Helps put the annual Mammothfest magazine together, manages our stall holders at our events and LOVES a good bag of monster munch.

James Coomber.

Media director, manages filming of band performances and events with Bmusic production team to capture the magic. Also manages digital media assets for later promotions and absolute gem of a geeza!

Bob Tett.

A.K.A ‘Militant Bob’ – Production manager, 10 million logistics balancer. Dislikes incompetence. Loves all else. Gets s**t done with zero fuss and has never missed a deadline and not afraid to drag even the biggest bands off the stage if they mess with our production scheduling.

Danny Yates.

Assistant production manager and Drum tech for all Mammothfest event related matters. Machine behind the drums for a number of bands including King Leviathan & Guttural Carnage. He takes care of business and is simply one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

James Hayball.

Stage Manager, on point grafter and heavy metal brother. He is also a vocalist in 2 bands, Magna Carta and Murder Mile.

Adam Sedgwick.

Stage Manager, on point grafter and heavy metal brother. He is also a vocalist/guitarist in the mighty King Leviathan, always smiling and spreading a positivity that is all so infectious.

Ashley Scott.

Stage Manager and advisor who is extremely busy with his own businesses including NINE KEYS CIDER and being the mighty vocalist for Abhorrent Decimation when not assisting Mammothfest with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the metal world! An exceptional man we highly respect. \m/

Paul Marshall.

Black Metal Guru. Joined the team in late 2016 to assist in the selection and booking of bands for the Black Metal Stage.

Carina Lawrence.

Helps run the press department with Makky and together make a formidable team ensuring everyone knows about Mammothfest and our announcements. Writes for various magazines/sites and runs own music website called Mad About Rock. “When not writing, watching or listening to music occasionally plays guitar also. Basically everything revolves around music!

Makky Hall.

Helps run the press department with Carina and together make a formidable team ensuring everyone knows about Mammothfest and our announcements.

Jack Baker.

Social Media Manager, serial calendar watcher and incessant asker of questions. Also bringer of prog in the incredible band VRONA, terrible jokes and cheese, sometimes both at once. Not very mature, unlike his cheese.

Steve Pengelly.

Street Team Leader. The annoying guy who gets people to plaster the city and surrounding areas with flyers and posters! Straight edge metal head also a energy drink connoisseur.

Ally Papworth.

Street team member, stage tech, lover of Metal, follower of the church of Tett!

Spikey Pete.

Creative marketing manager, street team member & general helper out with door / merch / stage when needed. An all round legend whom is very loved by all and always brightens any room.

David Lovejoy.

Vegan Street team member & stage tech hand. Guitarist and songwriter for Dreamwaves and Sorrow Plagues and local Brighton/Worthing metal promoter.

Melina Green.

Merch Coordinator and general assistant to Management and Bands. Loves discovering new acts, lives off music and art. May be at fault for hair whipping incidents in the pit…

Mike Angastiniotis.

Merchandise coordinator and backstage band assistant. A rather quiet fella until he’s had a couple of pints. Loves bands who pre-count their merch stock!

Nó Ra Szabo.

Stage Tech and street team member. Global research assistant and absolutely lovely hard working assistant thats always on hand to help with anything we need. No Ra we salute you! \m/

Siri, yes the real life APPLE Siri. Go on ask him a question!

Stage tech, street team member and hard working grafter that assists with the efficient running of Mammothfest events. Incredible guitarist and funny as fook gentleman

Ashley Wilkinson.

Stage tech, street team member and universal metal lackey. Resident coffee addict and blasphemer.

Luke Bateman.

Photographer & Videographer, general camera guy. Joined in 2016. He makes people look pretty, which can be a struggle with most of the team! Straightedge Metalcore lover. Head over to our gallery to see his 2016 work! 

Anastasia Zvirbulis.

Merchandise stall assistant Ana is a hard working metal head dedicated to making sure our stalls remain well organised and professionally managed for our bands and customers. She has also stage managed at UK Tech Fest and thrives on excellent music environments!