How to Pack for A Music Festival

Music festivals around the world attract millions of visitors every year who come to see their favorite music artists and bands to perform. If you are one of the music festival lovers, then you must know how grand the events can be. Music festivals are more than just enjoying good music. It is a massive party where you can celebrate day and night non-stop. This also means that you should be strong enough to endure the long duration of standing and jumping to your favorite music. You need to be comfortable and lightweight if you want to enjoy your time and avoid carrying heavy bags around. When you know what to pack for the festival, you can be sure to have an amazing time. Here is how you should plan your packing for any music festival.

Pick the right bag

You need a bag that you can comfortably wear for the day without feeling tired or stressing your back. Plan the size of your bag according to your destination and duration of stay. If you are going for a day or two, you do not have to carry a suitcase with you. Carry lightweight bags that can provide the right security to your valuables.

Set your priorities

If you are planning to make a short movie for your Youtube channel, you need to have enough space for a camera and the necessary equipment in your bag. Similarly, you may need medications during the trip that you must not forget. Set your priorities based on the true purpose of going to this festival. Do not pack unnecessary things if you do not really need them, and keep your bags light.

Be prepared to stand

Music festivals are meant for standing and jumping to the music. You may not get to relax your feet from the time you enter the security line. You need to have something comfortable on your feet like some breathing slippers. Have space for your shoes in your bag when you are not using them. You do not have to wear them all day as a punishment to your feet.

Pack cleansing products

Pack cleansing products

Music festivals can be sweaty and dirty. You may get involved in some fun but nasty things like jumping into a mud pool. Where there will be public bathrooms and showers available at the festivals, you need the right cleaning products to clean yourself up. Pack enough toiletries too, in case the toilet you pick runs out of it. Have cleansing wipes that you can use immediately to clean the dust and dryness on your face.

Pack energy bars

Packing fresh food for the festival may not be the best idea. Standing the whole day in the heat of the run and make the food in your bag stale really quick. However, you can always carry energy bars and snacks that will remain good when they are packed. Bring your own water bottles to refill at the festival. Packing your own food will save you a lot from buying expensive food at the festivals, although you must give the festival food a try.

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